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Giving back with beer... How can we help you?

At Poseidon Brewing Co., we believe in helping our local community. Pouring craft beer that’s going toward a good purpose simply feels good. Making a difference matters. We believe in supporting Venture County 501(c)3 nonprofits in several ways.

4 patrons enjoying pints of beer
Beer tap adorned with military dog tag

Our Community Impact

Donating Poseidon Brewing Co. beer to charitable events.

Please note all beer donated is considered a donation, and any leftover beer may not be returned. We kindly request that you mention our donation at your event (e.g., in a program, list of sponsors, event advertising, etc.) and provide us with a picture of your event for our digital marketing purposes.

Being present to pour at community-minded events.

As production, staffing and supply allow, Poseidon Brewing Co. may be able to partner more formally for your fundraiser or charity event.

Hosting Pints with a Purpose.

This is our in-house fundraising program that benefits different non-profits. Through the program, a portion of sales is donated to the organization “on tap.” Participating organizations are expected to provide proof of nonprofit status, promote this event well in advance to their target audience via traditional and digital advertising (tagging us), and show up! Yep. That’s right. If we host an organization for this event, we need your staff, board members, friends, fans, etc., to attend in person.

Selecting Our Monthly Round-Up Donation Recipient.

We select a different non-profit to be the recipient of our monthly round-up donation for which customers can opt to support when they close out their tabs.

The Giving ‘Scoop’

When asking for help, keep in mind we currently give back to organizations located within Ventura County and the surrounding areas. In spite of Poseidon’s popularity, we’re still a pretty small craft brewery. In terms of festivals and events, we generally keep travel and distribution to within Southern California.

A scoop of grain is added to a beer mash ton
two pints of beer

The Passion-Purpose Connection

We tend to align with and give back to organizations that share our values and our passions, plus support the welfare of those living and working in our back yard. Please don’t take it personally if we politely deny a request. Also, although our hearts go out to many in need, we give strictly to nonprofits as opposed to efforts focused on helping a single individual.

Please complete our donation request form at least 30 days prior to your event and give us a week to respond.