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Save the date for Friday to Sunday, August 9-11 for our 10th anniversary weekend!

Time flies when you brew good beer. And that’s certainly been the case for us at Poseidon Brewing Co.

Since we first opened our seven-barrel brewery back in 2014, we’ve sailed along, producing around 70 unique, high-quality beers right here in Ventura County.


Our Deep Dive Approach

From our best-selling Grapefruit IPA to our sweet Corselet Cherry Blonde, rich Chocolate Starfish Stout, malt-forward Ironclad Irish Red, and daring Dirty Diver Double IPA—these and other beers stand the test of time. They boast carefully crafted recipes, featuring high-quality ingredients like the best sourced hops and yeast, and flavorings from local farms and orchards.

Ales with depth, each has a distinct, full-bodied flavor profile backed by integrity and exceptionally balanced taste. From start to finish, our team dives deep with its brewing approach. It’s the right mix of clockwork, commitment, creativity and cleanliness, all done behind the scenes while you enjoy the comforts of our taproom and mouth-watering food from visiting food trucks.

The Chemistry and Craft Behind our Brewing

People are always amazed to learn that in addition to a carefully controlled, highly systemized brewing process, there’s hidden complexity and considerable creativity behind every Poseidon craft beer.

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The Poseidon Promise

Here's the deal. There's no jury riggin' here—if we don't like a batch, we'll be the first to dump it. We feel that strongly about making sure that whether you're choosing a blonde, an IPA, a stout or any one of our California craft beers, your Poseidon pick will be a solid one. That's our commitment to you!