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Sea Shanty Stout

A Perfect Blend of the Sea and the Shore, this Dry Irish Stout Will Have You Singing Drinking (or Working) Songs in No Time at All!

Roast malt forward, balanced, coffee/chocolate

Named after the nautical work song with Irish roots dating back to the 1800s and sung by sailors onboard ships to create a sense of community and shared purpose, Sea Shanty Irish-Style Stout was brewed to celebrate the McGrath family’s long and lasting history in Ventura. The McGrath’s great-great-grandfather fled Ireland during the Great Potato famine in the early 1850s to emigrate to America to farm, eventually settling in Ventura County. A deep rich earthy black in color, this beer drinks smooth, finishes dry, and has rich aromas of coffee with hints of toffee while the roast flavor shines through with notes of bittersweet chocolate. Best enjoyed while humming a catchy tune, hint, hint: “What will we do with a drunken sailor?”!

Best for:
Bringing out a little bit of “Irish” in all of us!