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Rosie’s Red IPA

Red IPA With Malty Flair and a Fiesty Hop, Featuring Stone Fruits, Citrus and Currant Flavors

Malt and hop forward, balanced, stone fruit/citrus

Inspired by Poseidon’s brewery dog Rosie, who was both charming (malty) and feisty (hoppy), this Red IPA is the perfect beer for crisp, sunny fall days. For this IPA, we blended maroon-hued crystal malts with Magnum, Chinook, Centennial and Simcoe hops. The balance between its warm hues and malty backbone, loaded with red currant and stone fruit flavors, is coupled with a crisp, citrusy bite from the four hops that fill your pint. No doubt, Rosie’s Red IPA is the ideal beer for both malt and hop heads alike.

Best for:
B’fore you throw back this rockin’ red, paws to raise your glass to “Rosie,” one of Poseidon’s first-ever, and much beloved brew dogs.