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Pufferfish Pils

German-Style Pilsner Lager That's Refreshing, Palate-Cleansing and Thirst-Quenching

Malt forward, balanced. woodsy/floral
We brewed a classic German-style pilsner using extra pale and classic pilsner malts but gave it a slight twist with the use of Northern Brewer and Crystal hops. A light straw color, Pufferfish is mildly malty with medium hop bitterness that features hints of pine and mint mingling with a sweet floral, woodsy and spicy aroma. This pale lager is refreshing, palate-cleansing and thirst-quenching. And will have you saying puff…puff…give!

Best for:
Quenching your thirst for a German-style beer with an American twist!