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Out to Sea’son Saison

Belgian-Style Saison Exploding With Herbal, Spice, and Citrus Flavor That's Tart to the Tongue, Light and Slightly Tart

Yeast forward, tart, herbal/citrus

Our Belgian-style Saison is a refreshing and complex brew teeming with herbal, spice and citrus flavors. This beer is traditionally brewed in Belgium during the spring and summer months. It is loaded with layers of flavor despite weighing in at only 5.0% ABV. Soft tannins are present, as are aromas of fresh nectarines, white pepper, starfruit and bubblegum. Brewed with 20 pounds of orange blossom honey from Heavenly Honey Company in Ojai, CA, this beer is mildly tart and pallet cleansing.

Best for:
The short and sweet: Out to Sea keeps you coming back, sip after sip.