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Have Hope Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA That's Hop-Loaded and Packed With Floral and Fruit Flavors

Soft bitterness, velvety, tropical fruit/citrus/woody/floral

We brewed our very first Hazy IPA, but gave it a West Coast IPA twist. Loaded with four different South African Hops – African Queen, Southern Promise, Southern Passion and Southern Aroma – this beer has lots of wonderful flavors and aromas from the hop blend, including tropical, berry and stone fruits, citrus, plus floral, woody, and earthy notes, too. A lovely straw color, this beer is definitely hazy with a soft, velvety mouthfeel and all-around “Smoove!”…but with a hop twist. Inspired by the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, we named this beer “Have Hope” for everyone who held out hope we’d brew a Hazy IPA one day, but also because we all need to have hope for better and brighter beer-drinking days ahead!

Best for:
Order it up, have a sip. Find not just the hops but some “real hope” after all!