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Harvest Ale

Wet-Hop IPA With Focus on Letting the Floral and Citrus Flavors Shine

Hop forward, balanced, smooth/floral/citrus/grassy

If you’ve never had a wet hop ale, you’re in for a treat, because it’s truly a drinking experience like no other. It’s a style only brewed during hop-harvest season as the whole cone hops go from bine to brew within 24 hours of harvest from the field. Often called a Harvest Ale, we brewed the first in our series with Cascade hops from Sow a Heart Farm in Fillmore, CA. We kept the grain bill simple, using only American 2-Row malt, to let the fresh and vibrant floral and citrus flavors and aromas shine through. Velvety smooth, yet distinctively fresh and slightly grassy, this beer is delicate and light in a way only a wet hop ale can be!

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Let this wet hop ale wow you…don’t miss out on this seasonal harvest hit, featuring fast-brewed, flavorful local hops!



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