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ESB ‘Merica

Ale With UK Hops and Toasty Malts, Balanced With Both Sweet and Spicy Ingredients

Malt forward, bitter, toffee/cherries

ESB ‘Merica is a copper-colored ale brewed with a generous blend of toasted, caramel and rye malts. As with tradition, we used a sizable bittering hop addition and finished with noble hops from the United Kingdom. We decided to brew this ESB right to the edge of the style, which is why it weighs in at 6.1% ABV and 47 IBUs. It boasts caramel, honey and spice flavors, with aromas of fresh cherries, buckwheat and oak. Full-flavored and complex, this brew finishes dry and clean. Hooyah ‘Merica!

Best for:
Let the bitter malt melt you, feeling warm from head to toe with ESB ‘Merica’s rich, hearty brew.