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Borchard Beer Cali Common

AKA "Steam Beer" With Caramel-like Malt Flavor and a Hint of Fruit

Malt forward, balanced, toast/caramel

Borchard Beer is a California Common, also known as a Steam Beer, that is a 100% American-style lager brewed with a lager yeast strain that ferments at warmer ale-like temperatures. This method of fermenting dates back to the late 1800s in California when refrigeration was a great luxury. It’s a medium-bodied ale with a toasted and caramel-like malt character in flavor and aroma, is also mildly fruity, and yet has an assertive hop bitterness. Rustic yet complex, this beer is all about returning to our roots and commemorating a time-honored brewing style that also celebrates over 150 years of the Borchard family’s farming heritage in the Oxnard Plains.

Best for:
Get back to those California roots! With each sip of this Steam Beer, join in on a century-plus brewing tradition.

Flavor Profile