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Blown Off Course IPA

IPA Awesomely Altered With White Grapefruit and a Spicy Pine Distinction

Hop forward, balanced, earthy/spicy/citrus

So we set out to brew an India Pale Ale, and it didn’t quite turn out like we’d planned, hence the name, Blown Off Course IPA. But being blown off course isn’t a bad thing when there is white grapefruit involved and the hops used include Cascade, Simcoe and Horizon. This beer is well balanced, with a fruity and earthy nose that compliments the citrus, pine, floral and spicy flavors that the hops imparted on this beer. Easy drinking yet complex, this one-off beer is sure to delight.

Best for:
Seeing just how awesome a beer can be that’s taken on a new direction. One sip and you’re back on course!

Other Ingredients