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All for the Chinooky IPA

IPA Balancing the Citrus/Floral Aroma of Chinook Hops With Hints of Spice 'n Pine

Hop forward, balanced, malty/citrus

Brewed with an abundance of Munich and Vienna malts that give this India Pale Ale its deep golden color and robust malty richness, All for the Chinooky IPA gets its name and intense hop finish from the pounds of Chinook hop we used. Chinook provides a distinct citrus/floral aroma along with a slightly spicy and piney flavor. We added some Crystal hop for a few earthy/foresty notes, too. All around, the Chinooky IPA is a well-balanced IPA that complements our tasting lineup.

Best for:
Strikin’ that perfect balance between bold hops and a mix of fun flavors.

Flavor Profile